Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iran to ban dogs

Question: It has come to the public eye that the government of Iran may attempt to ban people from owning dogs. Apparently stray dogs are often rounded up from the streets and then killed. What is the Rose Crescent position on the ownership of dogs?

Habib Ullah: The killing of God's creatures is a horrible act and is contrary to Islam.

Question: Many Iranian Mullah's claim it is because dogs are considered "unclean."

Habib Ullah: That is why they shouldn't eat them. Many things are unclean, but it doesn't give anyone permission to kill them or forbid people from owning them.

Question: So Islam allows you to own a dog?

Habib Ullah: Of course. The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, loved all animals. As humans we are caretakers of what belongs to Allah. We are on this earth to provide care and compassion. If you care for a dog, or cat, it is counted as a great blessing for you and is written down.

Question: You said the Prophet loved all animals.

Habib Ullah: According to very reliable tradition, the Prophet, PBUH, once said: "A prostitute was forgiven her sins because when she passed by a tired and thirsty dog who was panting heavily at a well, and who was about to die from dehydration, removed her shoe, and fastening it to her veil, drew some water out of the well for the dog. And because of this act she was forgiven."

Imagine that. Years of prostitution forgiven by a single act of rescuing a thirsty dog!

Question: What do you say to the clerics who persist in their hate of dogs?

Habib Ullah: I would tell them that years of keeping their beards at proper length will not save them from the hellfire of hurting a single dog. If saving a dog gains you forgiveness, then hurting a dog incurs wrath.


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