Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are Mirrors One to Another

According to the venerable Rumi, "The Prophet [PBUH], said: 'You are mirrors to each other." This is a very powerful statement. What do you see when you look in the mirror? We, all of humanity, are mirrors to each other. We see ourselves when we see the Other.

We need to understand that the cosmos is a place of both individuation and unity. Although there are billions and billions of human souls, ultimately there is only one Anthropos. The Earth Being Adam was brought into existence. From the Earth Being all other human spirits, like sparks, were sent off. We are collectively One Being. All thoughts we think are imprinted into that One Earth Being.

On the earth plane, we help ourselves when we help others (our mirror). What you see in others that you don't like, or like, is exactly what is within you. If you hate something, it is because that thing is lurking in the shadows of your inner world.

A word to legalists: the sin which you hate in others is the very sin that is tormenting you in your own soul. Instead of persecuting the other, look within and change yourself. Allow light, good and beauty to fill you. Surrender your ego. Only then will you find the beauty in the other - the mirror.


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