Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spiritual Unity and the Cave of Treasures

Q: In our previous post, we discussed the issue of the unity of the world's religions. Doesn't this seem counter-intuitive considering that Islam claims to be the True Religion?

Habib Ullah: The Qur'an never claims that Islam is the only path to God. Instead, God has sent out revelations to all people everywhere. No people, not even islanders in the Pacific, have not been reached and blessed by the Revelation.

Q: Are you saying that this is because Christian and Muslim missionaries have spread the Book?

Habib Ullah: No, no, no. Often times what missionaries bring with them is counter to the Message of the Book. What we are saying is that even Paleolithic Man had received divine messages from the Light. Ancient Shamans traveled into the Divine realms where they contacted Jinn, angels, and the Message itself. Artists connected with Being. One need only view ancient cave art to understand this. The Book is actually written on our hearts. We need only journey inwards to find the Revelation.

Q: The verse we discussed in our last post tells us that we, who think we have the Truth, may actually have just the one coin of silver whereas the "pagan" may have the abundance of gold.

Habib Ullah: Precisely. Unfortunately, in Orthodox Islamic circles this ayat is given very little thought. To connect with this verse:

Sit quietly
Stop the chatter in your brain (or at least don't latch onto it)
Tune into your breath
Try to reduce your breath to six breaths per minute
Now -
Imagine you are in a cave (just as the Prophet entered many times)
In the cave there is a torch blazing
Shadows dance upon the walls
Not far from where you are sitting the floor opens into a deeper cavern
Below you hear water
Feel the Depth
Allow it to bubble up towards you
Know that from within this Depth the Revelations given unto all Humans everywhere has sprung
Sit quiet
Allow It to Speak to You if It wishes


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