Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quran III:61 - Prayer Unto the Curse of Allah

If anyone resorts to abusive disputations with you after Deep Knowledge has indwelt you, say to them: "Come! Let us gather together - our sons and your sons, our women and your women, Ourselves and yourselves. Then let us pray with all earnestness, from the depths of our heart, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who are lying."

The Curse of Allah is a terrible thing to come upon someone. It is like a dark storm with severe winds that will blow over you. The one who is caught in it will have to lay flat on the ground, in terror and trembling. Boils will cover their whole body. Their fortune will be taken from them. Ruin will haunt them until the curse is lifted. Death would be a welcome release from the curse.

We do not enter lightly into such a prayer unto the Curse of Allah. It can only be undertaken with all seriousness and only after one has attained the station of Deep Knowledge. During the period that the prayers are engaged in, nothing in one's heart can be hidden. If there is any doubt body will begin to shake. If one is insincere pains will begin to hit them throughout their body. Only the pure in heart and intention can withstand this trial. One is following the path of Job here. There will be warnings to turn back before it is too late. Strange birds will come to the window. As the prayers precede there will be ever more strange sounds. The very ground beneath you will tremble. Finally, the one who is lying (note: not the one who is wrong but the one who is lying) will have the curse fall upon them. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of Allah!

The key to unlocking this amazing passage is that the curse falls in the end upon the one who is intentionally lying. Since the Revelation has been disbursed to all Mankind through 133,000 prophets and countless more minor prophets, and then misunderstood by generations, we all hold false beliefs and have errors in our thinking, depending on the station upon which we are. However, the curse will fall upon the one who maliciously accuses, who engages in abuse over theological ideas.

Note that the Revelation does not sanction fighting each other over beliefs and ideas. Not does it endorse using the prayer onto the curse to solve differences that might exist between our ideas, whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. It is only to be used when their is abuse in order to draw out the malicious lier. It can also only be initiated by one who has received the indwelling of the Deep Knowledge of the Depth, Light, Truth.

If you decide to proceed, then allow a 144 days following the conclusion of the prayer gathering, which itself should be 48 hours (note the numerological significance). Within the 144 days the curse will manifest. If it doesn't, then it is safe to conclude that no one was lying.


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