Monday, August 08, 2011

Approaching Full Moon in Ramadan

At this time you may want to call in the energies of spiritual leadership while at the same time guarding against the possible onslaught of the False Self's ultimate self-aggrandizement. To so so:

* Count from 13 to 1
* With each breath say "Ya Allah" (pronounced "Ya All-haaaaa")
* Say "Ya All" on the inward breath
* Say "haaaaa" on the outward breath
* You should limit your breaths to 5 per minute

After several minutes move your attention to your heart region
Breath Love and compassion into the Heart
Connect with the colors green and gold
Bathe your heart region with green and gold

Ask the Light that your Inner Leader awaken, bringing goodness to all and harming none

Draw your attention to the East - the realm of the sun. Draw in the energies of the sun. Allow them to bathe your entire energetic field. With your mind's eye take up your scimitar. Feel the scimitar in your hand. Say:

With this scimitar I discern Truth from Falsehood. With this scimitar I serve the Earth and Humanity. With this scimitar I banish all forms of shirk. With this scimitar I banish the False Self. With this scimitar I serve the Light.

Now return your attention to your heart area. Bring appreciation into the heart. Allow your mind to remember what you are thankful for. Hold thoughts of thankfulness. Remember how you felt when you were happy, loved, cared for and cared for others. Thank Allah for the life on earth you have been given and the chance to serve the Light.

When you are ready open your eyes and say "Bismallah - So mote it be!"


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