Sunday, December 04, 2011

Quran III: 101 - 102 "The Rope" of Light

"O you who believe!
Fear God as S/he should be feared
And do not die except in a state of surrender.

And together hold tight to the Rope
Which Allah stretches out to you..."

What is the "Rope" that Allah stretches out? Is this merely a simile or is there an actual rope? The truth is that there is, in fact, a cord that stretches from the Kingdom of Light to us, passing from our crown chackra down through all seven chackras and out from each chackra. The cord keeps us continually tied to the Light as well as the seven heavenly spheres. Moreover, this cord grows off shoots that tie into each other's astral bodies.

Through careful practice Sufis come to feel the cord that runs from the Light through our bodies and out. Sufis also feel how they have cords running to everyone else. We grow cords (in reality there is just one cord) to everyone we know. These cords form attachments. We can also send feelings of love, or healing, to others by channeling them through the cord.

Evil wizards also use the cord to send malicious thoughts of hate, anger, illness, etc. through their cords to others.

It is important that we watch, with our inner vision, how our spiritual cord (Rope) is entangling with others and being entangled. It is a good practice to draw your cord in from others that you may have a problem with so as not to send them your animosity. Then, when you are ready, send out a cord of light with positive thoughts.

One exercise we can do is to lie down quietly, imagine our heart chackra as a beautiful rose, and then see a dazzling white thin light (the Rope) extending to someone you care about, sending love, peace and healing. Know that you channeling the Light from above. Feel how the Rope of Light descends down into your crown chackra and out your heart chackra to the person you wish to contact. Then, feel the cord that runs between the normally runs between the two of you. Follow your emotions as they travel between you. Ask yourself: Where is the cord located in your astral body? What emotions have gone back and forth between you and the other person? Are they healthy? Then send light down through the cord.

Hold fast, together, to the Rope of Light. When Death approaches you, shift your attention to your crown chackra, focus on the Rope of Light leading into the Kingdom of Light and repeat the shahada, greeting the Angel of Light.

So mote it be!


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