Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramadan moon cycles and Sufi practice

According to the Rose Sufi Crescent tradition as taught by Al-Khidr, each of the four phases of the moon during Ramadan correspond to the 4 stages of Sufism:

Stage 1: From the crescent through the waxing period is the time of the sharia (or law). This is why Muslims pay special attention to the rules of conduct during Ramadan. However, sharia, or religious law, is actually summed up in good works, in conduct and behavior towards others. It is the path of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance. During this moon cycle we become aware of, draw out, challenge, battle and overcome that in our inner world (the false self) that battles against the law of love. This year (Ramadan in Leo) we are called to overcome our own egotistical false selves.

Stage 2: The full moon is the time of tariqah, the camel's path through the desert and the spiritual oasis is reflected in the cosmic moon. During full moon tariqah we celebrate the power that the power of the particular gift that the Ramadan for the year provides. This year during the full moon of Ramadan we are called to celebrate the gifts of Ramadan, which are centered in leadership and nobility.

Stage 3: When the moon enters is wanning period we are called to surrender and be purified by experiencing haqiqah, which is the knowledge of the heart. Like a tired horse, we have left our rationale tethered at the oasis and now we proceed with the heart. haqiqah is the way of Truth - a truth that can only be known by the purified heart.

Today the moon is at 30% visibility. Now is the time to purify the heart. According to the Rose Crescent tradition, this is the day that the Prophet (PBUH) had his heart taken out and washed by the angels. We must do the same. To do so -

a. Recite La ilaha illa Allah 99 times
b. Bring your breathing down to 4 breaths per minute
c. Call upon the angels. Ask them to come to you.
d. See yourself lying prone upon the rocks as Ismail did.
e. See the knife in the angels hands.
d. Ask the angels to cut your heart out and wash it
e. See how they remove your heart. See them wash it. Feel how they replace it.
f. Turn your minds eye to the heavens. Behold the throne of God. Thank Allah for his gifts.
g. Focus your attention on your heart.
h. Allow the Love and Light of the cosmos to enter you. Feel your heart bathed in Love and Light.
I. Thank the angels. Thank Allah.
J. Return to a waking state.

Stage 4. During the new moon cycle, when the world is quiet and at peace, and the stars are intensely overhead, we will travel on a pilgrimage to the cosmic Bakkah and there we will receive marifah (gnosis).

So mote it be.


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