Monday, May 15, 2006


Fatima was the blessed daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his wife Khadija. People who saw here called her “the luminous one” because of the shine about her. She was known for her gentle speech, piety, kindness and asceticism. She is famous for sharing her father’s commitment to the poor, and for turning away from the world of luxury and extravagance. But who was she really?

A’isha, the wife and beloved of the Prophet, and first great Islamic theologian, said of her: “I have not seen anyone of God’s creation resemble the Messenger of God more in speech, conversation, and manner of sitting than Fatima, May God Be Pleased with Her.”

From eyewitness testimony we know that Muhammad (pbuh) stood up whenever his daughter Fatima entered a room. In fact, he often gave up his seat to her. As the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad’s (pbuh) standing up in respect before Fatima is equivalent to all 124,000 prophets standing as well. Who was she then?

According to the Rose Crescent tradition, Allah created two complimentary Spirits to serve the universe alongside the four archangels: The Logos-Rasul and the Spirit of Wisdom.

The Rasul-Logos and the Spirit of Wisdom often appear in complimentary pairs.

While Adam was the first incarnation of the Logos-Rasul, the first woman Eve was the first incarnation of the Spirit of Wisdom. Likewise, Osiris and Isis came to embody the two Spirits. And while Buddha was a manifestation of the Logos-Rasul, Kuan Yin was the incarnation of the Spirit of Wisdom. And Jesus was blessed to have both his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, both of whom were embodiments of the Spirit of Wisdom.

Who was she? Fatima was no other than the incarnation of the Spirit of Wisdom. Her title is Umm Abi-ha (“the mother of her father”), signifying her pre-incarnation place within the first Aeon. Today, Fatima Umm Abi-ha serves as Queen of Heaven. She has been given the authority of intercession before the Throne of Allah for whoever calls upon her. She is known to appear on earth, as well as in other worlds, ministering to the needy and assisting all beings (humans, animals, jinn and even spirits in hell) who are in distress and request her help.


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