Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Women of Islam & Sufism: Fatima

When Fatima, beloved daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbhu), enters the throne all 124,000 Prophets stand in respect. Around the world men and women of Islam and Sufism look to Fatima for comfort and inspiration.

Fatima, she is the gentle breeze that blows through the leaves, beckoning all to peace.

Fatima, she is the soft voice in our hearts, calling us to compassion, mercy and grace.

She is the one who knows the songs of the birds, and sings praises to the Spirit along with them when the sun rises.

She is the one who comforts the dying child, and carries its soul into the heavens.

It is she who brings a cup of the waters of paradise to the scorched lips of those in hell, and it is she who offers the first drink of wine to the pilgrims reposing in heaven.

Fatima, it is her gentle hand upon ours, urging us to put the sword down, calling us to unity.

She is the one who walks amongst the animals in the slaughterhouses, comforting them before the knife, whispering promises of gardens and streams.

She is the gentle breeze in our hearts. She is the look in the eyes of lovers. She is our longing for the Beloved.

Truly, She is Umm Abi-ha (the Mother of her Father), the Spirit of Wisdom.


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